Best T-Rex Action Figure

Unlike the inferior quality T Rex toys or action figures, our TRex action figure is made with high level of attention to detail; It has got a realistic skin texture with right scales, natural brown and green color, strong thighs and long tail to support its heavy weight and impart it stability, short arms  the purpose of which is still debatable among scientific community, and rightly proportioned size, i.e., 5 inches high and 12 inches long.

The moveable and realistic jaw makes it a more dynamic action figure which could crush anything that comes its way and also allows for more creative play

The killer expressions and facial structure which could bore any prey make it more magnificent and impressive Dinosaur figure/toy or collectible; The lightweight (10.1 ounces) ensures that kids can even hold it comfortably and run around to attack others mollis vestibulum.


Perfect addition to other toys: plastic animal figurines, assorted vinyl toy animals, prehistoric animals, sandbox toys, dinosaur pictures, shirts, bones. Just right for a school / science project or report

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