Year 2019. Lifeliko Plans and News

A new year and new projects. At the end of 2018 we started to work with one of our new designers to create 20 dinosaur illustrations. 2019 is going to be both a challenging and exciting year for us.

Here are some plans that we have for 2019

– Website redesign and consistent content creation
– Starting social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram
– 2-3 new products
– Designing new dinosaur artworks
– Looking for new dinosaur product ideas


Twenty Dinosaur Artworks for New Lifeliko Product


Recently we teamed up with illustrator Ignat Silchenko to create 20 dinosaur illustration that we are planning to apply in our new product.
We are excited to announce that all 20 illustrations have been completed. I hope you’ll like them. Find the list of dinosaurs and the pictures below:

– Shuvuuia
– Ashdown maniraptoran
– Microraptor
– Sinosauropteryx
– Scutellosaurus
– Velociraptor
– Oviraptor
– Avimimus
– Stygimoloch
– Troodon
– Zupaysaurus
– Gargoyleosaurus
– Nipponosaurus
– Sauropelta
– Coelophysis
– Dilophosaurus
– Falcarius utahensis
– Amargasaurus
– Massospondylus
– Styracosaurus








Dinosaur Artworks for New Lifeliko Product





Dinosaur Artworks for New Lifeliko Product

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