Year 2019. Lifeliko Plans and News

A new year and new projects. At the end of 2018 we started to work with one of our new designers to create 20 dinosaur illustrations. 2019 is going to be both a challenging and exciting year for us.

Best T-Rex Action Figure

Unlike the inferior quality T Rex toys or action figures, our TRex action figure is made with high level of attention to detail; It has got a realistic skin texture with right scales, natural brown and green color, strong thighs … Read More

Spinosaurus Action Figure

Spinosaurus (meaning spine lizard) was among the largest of all known carnivorous dinosaurs, possibly larger than Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus. Spinosaurus, one of the 3 dinosaurs that inspired Godzilla characters. Not only kids love this legendary giant, but its equally adored … Read More