Lifeliko Dino is free App we built to compliment our range of dinosaur toys and  make them even more fun and educational. Read more to learn more about Lifeliko Dino App:

  • recommended age
  • main features
  • installation instructions
  • how to use the app
  • answers to frequently asked questions
  • how to download app and card sample (animate dinosaur)


The App is free  to download and available on App Store and Google Play. You can use trial version of the app app for three days. To unlock the app use  instructions and enter activation code which you can find in flashcard box. Flashcards are available for purchase on and our online store www.lifeliko.comPlease note, that one activation code is only applicable  for 3 devices.


The app uses flash cards and latest AR technology to tell you more about prehistoric animals such as Tyrannosaurus Rex and Spinosaurus. Each card is designed so that app scans the image in real time to show you 3D models of dinosaurs through the screen of your mobile device. The cards itself feature dinosaur illustrations designed by professional paleo artist and has on them interesting facts. 

The app is  easy to use and  you will be impressed by very realistic dinosaur models.

Here are main features of the App:

  • AR mode and encyclopedia
  • Dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus
  • Rotate, zoom in and out 3D models to see the actual details
  • Buttons to see dinosaurs in action: trigger walk, roar and bite
  • Sound effects for each  action
  • Camera button to take pictures, share them or save to your device
  • No in-app purchases
  • No 3rd party advertising
  • Activation code is only applicable  for 3 devices

The most interesting feature of the app is that it can drop AR dinosaurs wherever you place card and point your phone’s camera.


Fun and Educational AR Experience


Not only this app is easy to use, but it also teaches kids dinosaur names, their features and behaviour. I also develops their ability to interact with mobile devices through rotating, zooming in and out 3D models.

Parents can tell them more about dinosaurs by reading text on cards and interesting facts which can be found in Encyclopaedia mode.

You can also take photos with dinosaurs and share them or save in your device.


Installation Instructions


The flash-card box comes with  leaflet and very straightforward instructions n how to install Lifeliko Dino app.

  • Step 1: Download the app on Apple Store or Google Play. Alternatively you can scan QR-code which will take you to the App page
  • Step 2: Enter activation  code (part of flashcard box) to unlock the app
  • Step 3: Launch the app and point the camera at one of the flashcards



How to Use


During the first launch of the app, you will be asked an activation code to unlock the app. You can skip this step and use trial version for three days.

What you will see after the launch is Augmented Reality (AR) mode.


Now you can place the cards and point device’s camera on it to see AR dinosaurs. Tap buttons to activate one of three actions:




Use menu in the right left corner to see instructions on how to rotate zoom in and out  and trigger dinosaur actions. Use the same menu to navigate Encyclopedia mode to see 3D dinosaur models and read facts about them.

Both modes have camera button in the upper right corner to take a picture and save it to your device.


App Specification and Compatibility


    • Category: Education
    • Language: English
    • Size: iOS –  203.6 MB / Android 88 MB
    • Minimum Operating System: Android 5.0  & iOS 8.0
    • Approximate Download Time: Depends on your Internet connection, but usually takes more than 3 minutes.
    • Update: July 2019.




Yes, it is free. However, you can only use it for 3 days (trial version). To unlock your app you need to buy our flash cards bundle (US / Australia) .
Then you will find activation card with code and instructions.
You need to buy our flash cards bundle (US / Australia). Activation code can be found on instruction leaflet.
Yes you can install and activate up to three apps using one code
Please, contact us using contact form on this page.
Please, provide: 1-your amazon order number, 2-date of purchase, 3-your name, 4-contact email.
<p>Yes you can use all features for 3 days. After 3 days the app will ask you activation code to unlock augmented reality mode. You can access  encyclopedia mode any time without activation code
Yes, find the link at the bottom of the page.
Currently there are 2 cards: Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus. We are planning to expand range of cards and dinosaurs soon.</p>
The cards measurements are 3.1″ x 5.1  (8 x 13 cm ). Cardboard.
Size: iOS –  203.6 MB / Android 88 MB.
Please submit your message via contact us form. In your message describe your issue, include screenshot, your phone model and activation code. We usually  respond within 24 hours




Download the App for free on

App Store

Google play

Download Dinosaur Sample Card  (right click and save as)





Last edited July 2019