Great for my toy shelf

A great addition to my toy shelf. Colors are pretty much as shown, not so bright as some of the other replicas. Material has a rubbery feel and the toy is quite heavy for it’s size. It will stand on it’s own, although it isn’t terribly steady.

Mr. + Mrs. GMO

I absolutely love this figure

I absolutely love this figure! Not going to lie… I bought this for myself because it looked impressive, as a T-Rex should. The skin looks amazing and I love that it has a movable jaw. I bought it as a desk ornament for my work desk… I can imagine him eating the nasty callers at my customer service job. Yes I’m an adult but I can still pretend.


Awesome, lifelike, high quality

I bought this for my nephew who has entered the dinosaur phase of toddler/preschool years recently and I was highly impressed! It is solidly made, as realistic as they come (and to the best of what you’d imagine a dinosaur might actually look like minus feathers!) and the jaw opens and closes.

It’s so well made I’d even say that it would make a great collector piece for adults or older kids who are just crazy about dinosaurs.


Very interesting and educational toy!

This toy is amazing!!! I bought it for my nephew a few months ago who is 5 years old and never saw him without it since then. He absolutely loves it! It looks so real feels like it’s about to move on it’s own! The jaw moves very well and the dinosaur is a really good size. My nephew’s brother who is 16 loved the toy as well and would not mind having it in his room as he finds it very educational.

I can say that this dinosaur is really impressive. It even stands on it’s own. It is so much fun to play with. The kids love it! I definitely recommend this product.